Denis Lumbard Memorial Open – King George V Stadium, Grimsby – Saturday 30th September 2017


32nd Annual September Open Trophy Meting

King George V Stadium, Grimsby – Saturday 30th September

Sixteen Kingston athletes travelled over to the King George V stadium in Grimsby for the final track & field meeting at that venue for the 2017 season, the annual September open trophy meeting. The ages of the competitors ranged from under 11’s up to the under 17’s and details of all the Kingston performances are as follows.

                                                                                                                                           Under 11’s

Nathan Hope and James Williamson were involved in the 80 metres competition and both boys were drawn to run together in the first of the two heats where Nathan ran a new PB of 13.2 sec for 4th place and qualified to run in the final whilst James took 6th place and also ran a new PB of 13.5 sec clipping two tenths off his previous best but he missed out on the final. In the final Nathan ran another new PB of 13.0 sec for a 6th place finish taking half a second off his PB during the course of the day.

Max Wright and Nathan Hope were both in action in the 600 metres race which saw Max taking 2nd place and running a PB of 1:56.4 sec with Nathan securing 3rd place with a new personal best run of 2:03.7 sec slashing 13.8 seconds off his previous best mark.

The long jump competition saw Nathan Hope putting in a leap of 3.43 metres for a 5th place finish and Ben Russell taking 6th with a new PB of 3.40 metres which was 90 centimetres past his previous best, with Max Wright in 7th with 3.26 metres and James Williamson 13th with 2.75 metres.

                                                                                                                                         Under 13’s

County champion Alex Grant was the winner of the 75 metre hurdles race where he ran a time of 15.9 sec with Zach North taking 3rd place with his run of 16.3 sec. The two boys were in further action together in the long jump competition which saw Alex taking 3rd place with a jump 3.84 metres and Zach who was competing in his first long jump took 4th place and established a PB of 3.03 metres. Alex Grant was also a 5th place finisher in the 100 metres race where he clocked a time of 15.5 sec.

In the girls competition training partners Lydia Moore and Izzy Watts were in action in the shot competition which saw Izzy taking 2nd place and throwing a new PB of 6.65 metres adding a further 51 centimetres to her best mark and Lydia also threw a new PB of 6.34 metres for 3rd place going 34 centimetres past her old best. The girls also competed individually with Izzy taking 5th place in the high jump with a clearance at a height of 1.05 metres and Lydia recorded a leap of 3.27 metres in the long jump event.


                                                                                                                                       Under 15’s

Adam Fox ran his fastest 800 metres time of the season clipping 3.22 seconds off his previous best time and covering the two lap race in a time of 2:13.8 sec. He was also in action in the 100 metre sprint race where his run of 13.5 sec saw him take a 6th place finish.

In the girls competition Emilia Russell took on a run, a jump and a throw. In the shot putt she recorded a big new PB of 7.25 metres with the 3 kilogram shot adding 1.05 metres onto her previous best distance. The 200 metres race saw her taking 4th place with her run of 29.9 sec just a tenth of a second outside her PB and a clearance at 1.35 metres saw her take 5th place in the high jump.

Rosie Shepherd enjoyed a good day at the King George stadium, she was the winner of the 75 metre hurdles race putting in her fastest hand timed run of 13.5 sec and a good effort in the 800 metres saw her taking 3rd place and setting a new PB of  2:50.5 sec clipping 4.1 seconds off her previous best time. She was equal 1st with Lily Mae Gibbons of Grimsby in the high jump where both girls went clear at 1.45 metres.

Pippa Gouldson was in competition in both the 100 and 200 metre sprint races, the 100 saw her running a time of 14.7 sec to take a 6th place finish and she was place 7th in the 200 metres where she recorded a time of 30.6 sec.

Ellie Townsend competed in two events, she took 3rd place in the high jump where she went clear at a height of 1.40 metres and in the long jump competition her best effort of the day one of 3.65 metres gave her another 3rd place finish.

Jess Townsend competed in the under 17’s discus event where she took a 2nd place finish with her throw of 22.24 metres.

                                                                                                                                 Under 17’s

Sprinters Rose Hewitt and Kate Huntington flew the flag for the under 17’s and the girls were in action in the senior women’s 100 and 200 metre sprint races. In the 100 metres Rose took 3rd place in the race running a time of 13.8 sec and Kate ran a season’s best time of 14.0 sec which saw her take 4th place. In the 200 metres Rose’s run of 28.8.sec gave her a 2nd place finish and Kate was the 4th place finisher with her run of 30.3 sec.