London Marathon Ballot

Every year in April, a handful of KUHAC athletes join the masses in Greenwich Park and line up at the start of the greatest marathon in the world. The London Marathon.

Some of them run to raise valuable funds at the request of a charity. Others have been fortunate enough to win a place through the marathon organiser’s own ballot. A few qualify as Good for Age runners. But at least one KUHAC runner is there simply because they’re a member of our club.

Through KUHAC’s association with England Athletics, the club is granted at least one entry to the London Marathon each year. The lucky person is selected at random through our own ballot and if you’re an England Athletics affiliated runner as well as a KUHAC club member, that person could be you!

To find out if you’re eligible to enter the club ballot and for further details, read on…..!

Am I eligible to enter the club ballot?

The club ballot for a place in the 2018 London Marathon is open to all KUHAC members (road runners and track and field) on the following terms:

  • You must have entered the main 2018 London Marathon ballot and received a rejection letter.
  • You must have been a paid up KUHAC member when the main ballot for the 2018 London Marathon opened for entries in April 2017.
  • KUHAC must be your first claim athletics / running club.
  • You must be at least 18 years old on 22nd April 2018 (the date of the 2018 London Marathon).
  • You must hold a current England Athletics registration number.
  • You must not have been awarded a KUHAC place in the London Marathon in any previous year.
  • You must have pre-paid your KUHAC membership fee in full for the 2018/19 season by 30th November 2017.

If you fulfill the above criteria, your entry into the club ballot for a place in the 2018 London Marathon will be valid even if you have previously run the London Marathon. You may submit a single entry to the club ballot in your own name only. The ballot winner(s) may not transfer their London Marathon place to any other person.

How do I enter the KUHAC ballot?

To enter the KUHAC ballot, you must first have entered the main organiser’s ballot for the 2018 London Marathon – and been rejected. The ballot was open for seven days in April 2017, shortly after the last London Marathon took place. By now you’ll have received a letter notifying you that your ballot entry was unsuccessful. Make a copy of your rejection letter and write onto it:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your England Athletics registration number
  • The date you paid your KUHAC membership subscription for 2018/19 and the payment method used.

Place your letter in an envelope marked “KUHAC London Marathon Entry – your name and deposit it at the clubhouse for the attention of Sallie Haigh no later than 19:00 on 30th November 2017.

When and where will the KUHAC club ballot take place?

After the entry deadline has passed, all entries will have their eligibility validated in line with the above rules. The names of all valid entrants will be placed into a final ballot which will be drawn during the KUHAC awards night at Hull Ionians on 2nd December 2017. In addition to the winning ballot(s), a reserve name will be drawn should the winner(s) subsequently decline their entry.

Can I enter the club ballot even if I have run the London Marathon before?

Yes. Our rules do not preclude people who have previously run the London Marathon from entering the club ballot. (The only exception being those people who have been awarded a KUHAC club place in a previous year). This is because someone’s prior participation in the London Marathon is separate from and unrelated to their KUHAC club membership. Previously, they have either been successful in the marathon organiser’s ballot, have run for a charity or have qualified on Good for Age terms; none of which removes an important right of club membership enjoyed by all; the right to enter the club ballot.

Why must I be registered with England Athletics to enter the club ballot?

The club’s place allocation in the London Marathon is based on the total number of KUHAC members who are affiliated to England Athletics. Club members who are not affiliated to England Athletics do not therefore contribute towards our marathon place allocation and so may not enter the ballot.

Why must I have entered the main London Marathon ballot before I can enter the club ballot?

All London Marathon places are highly sought after and we want to be sure that our club place is awarded to someone intent on taking part. Such determination and purpose is shown by those who have already tried to enter the marathon through the organiser’s ballot held last April. So, if you were unsuccessful in the main ballot, don’t lose heart. You have another chance to run by entering the KUHAC club ballot.

If you’d like to enter the club ballot for a place in the 2019 marathon, make sure you enter the main London Marathon ballot which will open on the London Marathon website after the race in April 2018. If you’re lucky, you may even secure a place in the 2019 marathon through the main ballot itself!

I’ve won the club ballot! What happens next?

If you win the club ballot, you’ll be contacted by a member of the road runners’ sub-committee and asked if you accept the KUHAC entry. If you do accept, you’ll receive an online link enabling you to submit and pay for your formal entry to the marathon. The cost of entry is £35 which you pay directly to the organiser as part of the entry process. It will be your responsibility to submit your entry and make the payment within the set time frame.

What happens if I win the club ballot but am unable to run?

If for any reason, you are unable to run after you have submitted your formal entry to the marathon organiser (through injury for example), you will have the opportunity to defer your place for one year. The deferment procedure is handled between you and the marathon organiser with no KUHAC involvement. It will be your responsibility to complete the deferment process. As a ballot winner who has accepted a KUHAC entry, you will be ineligible to enter future KUHAC London Marathon ballots.

What happens if I win the ballot and immediately change my mind about entering the marathon?

Under these circumstances, your place will be offered to the first reserve ballot winner. You will be permitted to enter the club ballot in future years assuming you are eligible in all other respects.

If I win the club ballot, can I transfer my place to another club member or friend?

No. We want to ensure fairness and impartiality throughout the ballot process and guarantee all entrants an equal chance of success. We can only do this by not permitting transfers. Were transfers to be allowed, then someone with no interest in running could enter the ballot insincerely “on-behalf-of” a friend, albeit in their own name in the first instance. This would give some members a greater chance of success than others. So, transfers are not allowed. If you have no interest in running the London Marathon yourself, do not enter the club ballot.

Why must I pre-pay my club membership for 2018/19 to enter the ballot?

The London Marathon will be held on 22nd April 2018 during the 2018/19 KUHAC membership season. To accept a club place and represent KUHAC in London on the day, you must be a club member. Application timings and logistics require us to hold the ballot in early December, before the start of the new season, so you must pay your 2018/19 membership in full first, before the ballot takes place on 30th November. Your entry will not be validated and will be withdrawn from the club ballot if you have not paid for your 2018/19 club membership by 30th November 2017.

Do I have any obligations to the club on marathon day?

Yes. As you’ll be running on behalf of our club, you must run the marathon wearing a KUHAC running vest or running t-shirt.

Any questions?

If you have any queries, please contact Chris Healy via FaceBook or Twitter @chrismjhealy.


Good Luck in the ballot!