Kingston Spring Open – Costello Stadium – Sunday 9th April 2017

‘Kingston Spring Open Meeting’

Costello Stadium, Hull – Sunday 9th April 2017


The 2017 track & field season got underway in the East Riding of Yorkshire with Kingston upon Hull AC’s annual Spring Open event which was staged at their home track at the Costello Stadium in Hull. There was a good turnout of athletes from the club which was supplemented by many more who travelled from outside the Hull and East Riding area to compete at the meeting.


Performance details for all of Kingston’s junior athletes

Under 11 Boys

Noah Sibary is in his second competitive season with the club having made his debut at last year’s Open. This year he was in action in three events the 80 and 150 metre sprints and the 600 metres race. He won his heat of the 80 metres setting a new PB of 12.59 sec which took   seven hundredths off his previous best. The final saw him race to another victory and his run of 12.42 sec was another PB lowering it by another 0.17 of a second. In the 600 metres race he  claimed his third victory of the day and posted his third PB with a run of 1:53.89 sec which took 1.41 sec off his previous best time.

Nathan Hope ran in both of the sprint competitions a run of 13.46 sec in his 80 metres heat was a new PB and it saw him qualify for the final where he finished 6th and shaved off another 2 tenths of a second with a new PB of 13.26 sec. He saw further competition in the long jump where he took 2nd place with a new PB of 3.40 metres 29 centimetres beyond his old mark. Marcus Gray ran in heat 3 of the 150 metres  competition where took 4th place and posted a PB of 26.96 sec but missed out on the cut for the final.

Under 11 Girls

10 year old Freya Vidal is in her 3rd competitive season with Kingston she was an 80 metres finalist at last year’s County Championship event and is an excellent competitor. She competed in both sprints and in the long jump competition. She placed second in her heat of the 80 metres in 12.46 sec and took 3rd place in the final where she ran a time of 12.20 sec,  in the heat’s of the 150 metres she ran a new PB of 23.53 sec to progress to the final where she took 4th place in a time of 23.53 sec. The long jump saw a 2nd place finish by Freya who jumped a new PB of 3.66 metres 28 centimetres further than her previous best. Holly Cresswell was also in action in the long jump putting in a season’s best effort of 2.60 metres whilst 9 year old Tibby Howe who was making her track & field debut in the long jump pit set herself a PB 2.56 metres.


Under 13 Boys

Matthew Tranmer ran in heat one of the 80 metres race where he finished in 2nd place and took 0.69 sec off his best time setting a new PB of 12.11 sec which qualified him to run in the final. It was the first time Matthew had encountered heats and he missed running in the final.  Finlay Southcoat competed in the 150 metres, 800 metres and long jump this was his first run over the 800 metre distance and he finished in 5th place with a time of 2:43.89 sec, he ran the 150 metres in 23.89 sec for 4th place and he was the winner of the long jump where he recorded a new PB of 3.80 metres a centimetre beyond his previous best. Alex Chivers was in action in three events he won the javelin with a throw of 21.77 metres and a throw of 5.96 metres gave him another 1st place in the shot competition and a new PB of 3.04 metres 4 centimetres past his old best.

Under 13 Girls

The 80 metre sprints saw six Kingston athletes competing in the heats with the county sprint champion Tilly Cairns going on to qualify for the final with her run of 12.09 sec in heat 2, the final saw Tilly running a season’s best time of 11.97 sec to clinch the bronze medal.

The other Kingston athletes running in the heats included two girls making their club debuts Libby Hakney in heat 1 posted a PB of 12.53 sec and Charlotte Lawson ran a PB of 12.62 sec in heat 2 with Beth Moodie running a new PB of 12.80 sec taking 3 tenths of a second off her old best in heat 1 and Lydia Tranmer taking 0.98 of a second off her best mark in heat 3 to set a new PB of 13.52 sec.

Six Kingston athletes were in action in the 150 metres sprints with three of them going on to run in the final Tilly Cairns ran a season’s best time of 23.02 sec to qualify from heat 3 and from the same heat Charlotte Lawson ran a PB of 24.25 sec to join her in the final whilst Libby Hakney ran a PB of 23.00 sec to qualify from heat 2. In the final Tilly ran the race in a time of 23.14 sec to take 4th place with Libby finishing 6th  in 23.52 sec and Charlotte 7th in 24.29 sec. Also running in the heats were Meabh Brannigan who put in a season’s best performance of 25.64 sec, Izzy Watts who ran a PB of 26.58 sec and Lydia Moore ran a time of 26.22 sec in her heat.

Beth Moodie and Charlotte Lawson were in further competition in the long jump where Charlotte set a PB of 3.47 metres for 5th place and Beth jumped a new PB of 3.42 metres increasing her old mark by 30 centimetres to take 6th. The Javelin event saw Beth take the bronze medal with her throw 11.58 metres whilst Izzy Watts took 6th place with a PB of 8.58 metres and then  went on to win a silver medal in the high jump setting a new PB with a clearance at a height of 1.10 metres 5 centimetres above her previous best.

The 800 metres saw Meabh Brannigan take 8th place and post a PB of 2:51.51 sec with Emma Hoggard 9th in 3:00.62 sec and Charlotte Gray 11th with a new PB of 3:07.23 sec.

Under 15 Boys

The 100 metres sprints brought the number 1 ranked sprinter in Yorkshire Brody Hinson out on to the track he went in the first heat which he won in 11.93 sec his first sub 12 second run taking 9 hundredths of a second off his previous best Adam Fox ran a season’s best time of 14.02 sec for 5th place in the same heat and Jack Singleton took 3rd place in heat 2 with a run of 14.58 sec and all three qualified for the final. The final saw another superb run by Brody who won the race and took another three hundredths of a second of his PB to set a new best mark of 11.90 sec to take the gold medal. Adam Fox ran a new PB of 13.59 sec shaving a hundredth of a second off his best mark to take the bronze medal with Jack Singleton finishing 8th and running a time of 14.41 sec.

The 200 metres saw 4 Kingston athletes reach the final with Brody Hinson winning heat 1 in 24.19 sec with team mate Luke Carr 3rd in a season’s best 29.17 sec with Adam Fox and Jack Singleton qualifying from heat 2 in 29.71 sec and 28.94 sec respectively. Brody took his second gold medal of the day in the final where he ran a time of 24.24 sec Adam fox was 4th in 28.78 sec, Luke Carr 5th in 29.48 sec and Jack Singleton 7th in 30.06 sec. `

Three Kingston athletes ran in the 1500 metres final where Harvey Roberts was the silver medallist running a new PB of 4:55.83 sec taking 19.15 sec off his previous best time with two of his training partners close behind him Adam Fox won the bronze medal and took 8.97 sec off his PB setting a new best of 5:02.53 sec and Thomas Smales finished in 4th place setting a new PB of 5:03.93 sec knocking 14.97 sec off his old  mark.

Ben Copley has started the season in majestic style the UK rankings show him standing at the pinnacle in the discus event where he is Ranked No. 1 UK in the shot he holds the No. 2 ranking UK and he also holds the No. 4 ranking UK in the javelin. At the open meeting he was the gold medallist in all three of his throwing events and he posted new PB’s in all of them his throw of 44.16 metres in the discus was 2.26 metres beyond his old best which had been established at the National championships last August where he was the silver medallist. His throw of 12.98 metres in the shot took him 1.74 metres past his old mark and he launched the javelin out to 47.01 metres increasing his personal best by 1.55 metres.

Antony Mould was in competition in the hammer, discus and shot events he is in his second season with the club and is making steady progress in the throwing events. He was the gold medallist in the hammer where he threw a distance of 29.33 metres the discus saw him win a silver medal with a new PB of 24.46 metres 3.40 metres beyond his previous best and his throw of 7.85 metres in the shot secured him a bronze medal.

Fabian Vidal was in action in the long jump competition where he jumped a seasons best distance of 4.28 metres for 5th place.


Under 15 Girls

There were 8 Kingston athletes in the 100 metres races with two of them progressing to the final. Rowan Swinburn qualified from heat 3 where she was placed 2nd and ran a season’s best of 14.01 sec and Evie Watson from heat 2 where she also finished 2nd in a season’s best of 14.00 sec. The final saw Rowan take 6th place running a time of 14.08 sec and Evie’s run of 14.10 sec saw her finish in 7th. Also running in the heats were Katie Smith who ran a season’s best time of 14.61 sec in heat 1, in heat 2 Emily Dye ran a season’s best 14.42 sec and Gina De Lancey a seasons best of 14.67 sec whilst in heat 4 Sophie Buttery ran a seasons best 15.56 sec and Lucy Whittaker 16.63 sec which was also a seasons best.

Daisy Logan made her club debut at the Spring Open meeting where she competed in the 200 metres long jump and shot. She was one of five Kingston athletes contesting the 200 metres event where she ran a PB of 27.89 sec in heat 2 to take 2nd place and qualify for the final, Rowan Swinburn and Evie Watson ran in the first heat and they too qualified for the final with Rowan running a new PB of 28.93 sec and Evie running a seasons best of 29.32 sec, Eve Anderson ran a new PB of 32.19 sec in heat 1  but missed the cut for the final and Emilia Russell’s new PB of 30.11 sec in the 3rd heat booked her a spot in the final.

The 200 final saw Daisy Logan winning the gold medal and running the race in a time of 28.59 sec with Rowan Swinburn 4th in 29.31 sec Evie Watson 5th in 29.89 sec and Emilia Russell in 6th place with a new PB of 30.80 sec.

Four Kingston athletes ran in the 75 metre hurdles competition where Katie Smith qualified to run in the final from heat 2 also running in the heats were Alanah Thoresby, Emily Dye and Lucy Whittaker who all failed to make the cut. Katie Smith ran a new PB of 13.52 sec in the final to take a 6th place finish.

Northern 800 metres silver medallist Jodie Martin was in competition in the 300 metres race where she picked up another silver medal and ran a season’s best time of 45.62 sec.

The high jump saw Alanah Thoresby who has been making good progress in the event in the last few months take the gold medal and establish a new PB with a clearance at 1.57 metres whilst Ellie Townsend who is also making good progress in the event posted a new PB of 1.54 metres to take 4th place and Eve Anderson jumped a new PB of 1.30 metres for 9th place.

The long jump was contested by 6 Kingston athletes and Emily Dye extended her PB by 3 centimetres jumping a new PB of 4.55 metres to take 4th place with Evie Watson in 5th with 4.42 metres Daisy Logan jumped a PB of 4.40 metres in 6th and Emilia Russell set a new PB of 3.68 metres in 12th there was another new PB of 3.53 metres by Ella Shaw-Hall in14th and in 15th place was Eve Anderson with her jump of 3.49 metres.


The throwing events brought Holly Adams another of the clubs outstanding young athletes into the competition Holly was the shot silver medallist at last year’s Northern track & field championships and she won another silver medal at this February’s Northern indoor championships she is currently ranked No.1 in Yorkshire in both shot and discus and she competed in both of those events as well as the javelin. She was the gold medallist in the shot where she threw a new PB of 10.36 metres an increase of 23 centimetres on her old mark, another new PB of 27.23 metres was achieved in the discus which was an increase of 57 centimetres and secured a second gold medal. The javelin saw Holly take the silver medal and throw a new PB of 23.24 metres.

Indigo Atkin was the gold medallist in the hammer competition where she threw a seasons best distance of 33.58 metres and she also took the silver medal in the shot competition with a throw of 9.32 metres followed by a season’s best effort of 21.73 metres to take 4th place in the javelin. Esther Savage was the bronze medallist in the javelin where she also threw a PB of 22.87 metres. Jess Townsend increased her PB by 2.87 metres in the discus event with her throw of 22.76 metres which moved her up the ranking list to No. 4 in Yorkshire. Emilia Russell finished 6th in the shot competition with her throw of 5.79 metres with Daisy Logan close behind in 7th with her new PB of 5.73 metres and Ella Shaw-Hall 10th with 4.59 metres.